Valley Little Melodies

Welcome! Valley Little Melodies is the premier studio for educationally driven music and movement classes!! We offer classes from birth - 5. In every Kindermusik class, you’re welcomed into a playful and nurturing environment where your child will have fun singing, moving, playing instruments, and hearing stories—while simultaneously developing social skills, problem-solving skills, pre-math skills, and a foundation for reading. Our music classes for kids focus on whole-child development and build the skills children need to be successful in both school and life. A trained, licensed Kindermusik educator will guide your class from one activity to the next, helping you understand how your child is developing musically, cognitively, and socially. Kindermusik classes are a great place to meet other parents and get tips on how to use music to help make your everyday routines at home just a bit easier. You’ll love how the shared learning experience of our music classes creates a unique bond between you and your child. Celebrate your child’s early years and development. Sign up today and see for yourself how Kindermusik is more than just music classes for kids.


Studio Location

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Start Date Day/Time Class Ages Licensed Educator Status
Join Anytime Tues/8:30AM Foundations 0-1 Ms. Cara Enrolling
Join Anytime Tues/9:30AM Level 2 2-3 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Wed/5:30PM Level 2 2-3 Ms. Kahley Full
Join Anytime Fri/10:30AM Mixed-Ages 1-3 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Sat/9:30AM Level 1 1-2 Ms. Lindsay Enrolling
Join Anytime Sat/8:30AM Foundations 0-1 Ms. Lindsay Enrolling
Join Anytime Tues/6:00PM Level 1 1-2 Ms. Lindsay Full
Join Anytime Tues/10:30AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Ms. Cara Enrolling
Join Anytime Fri/9:30AM Level 1 1-2 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Tues/11:30AM Foundations 0-1 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Mon/9:00AM Mixed-Ages 0-7 Ms. Lindsay Enrolling
Join Anytime Tues/5:00PM Foundations 0-1 Ms. Lindsay Full
Join Anytime Fri/8:30AM Level 1 1-2 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Sat/10:30AM Level 2 2-3 Ms. Cara Full
Join Anytime Wed/4:30PM Foundations 0-1 Ms. Kahley Enrolling
23 Jul 2018 Mon/5:30PM Level 1 1-2 Ms. Kahley Enrolling
23 Jul 2018 Mon/6:30PM Mixed-Ages 0.5-4 Ms. Kahley Enrolling
11 Sep 2018 Tues/4:00PM Level 3 3-4 Ms. Lindsay Enrolling

Our Policy

How it Works: Classes run once a week for the time/day that you signed up for. Subscribers can change classes, or graduate up to a new class at any time if decided between the caregiver/teachers. To change or graduate, please contact Cara Vernal at We will first check to see if there is space available in the class you would like to move into. If said class is full, we will add you to a wait list.

Time Off: There are some scheduled class breaks. Upon registration, you will see a list of days off. If Canfield Schools are closed for inclement weather, we will be closed. If there is a 2 hour delay, our morning classes will be cancelled and a makeup day will be announced. We will let you know at least an hour before class to let you know if we are cancelled or not.

Cancellations: You may cancel for any reason and we can book you into another class (depending on availability.) We offer unlimited makeup classes. Please call/text/email Cara at 330-980-5198 or to schedule makeups.

Entering Class: Plan to arrive 5 minutes early for class. Please be aware that classes are closely spaced, so you will not be able to enter the studio until the previous class is finished. Please remove your shoes. This will allow for us to keep out as much dirt as possible.

Adult conversations: Please keep the adult conversation to a minimum during class time. This will allow the teacher, children, and other caregiver to get the full Kindermusik experience. We encourage you to visit and get to know the other adults before and after class.

Cell Phones: If you need to bring in your cell phone, please keep it on silent. If you need to take a call, please take it outside with your child.

Drinks and Snacks: Please leave drinks and snacks outside of the studio, with the exception of those babies nursing or bottle fed.

Sickness: Please do not come to class if you or your child is sick. We offer unlimited makeups, so please come back when everyone is feeling better! All teachers are diligent in cleaning all the instruments and materials to help stop the spread of germs.

***During class, the most important thing you can do for your child is to be an active and patient role model. It is not uncommon for a child to attend several classes before feeling comfortable in class. Don't be discouraged - what a child is absorbing in class often evidenced in the comfort of the home environment rather than in a certain level of participation in class. The understanding and consistency of the parent or caregiver in class and at home are key to facilitating musical learning and growth. You and your child will enormously benefit from the Kindermusik experience, especially if you make active use of your at home materials. ***